Palisades Covenants


Jackson's most exclusive residential community

These guidelines are a general summary of the principal items of interest to prospective homeowners taken from Palisades Covenants, Restrictions, and Design Guidelines. For definitive information, please refer to those documents.

Home Owners Association (HOA)

The purpose of the association is to make certain the property values and quality of life in Palisades is maintained in accordance with the homeowners' wishes. Each homesite owner is a member of the Association. The Board of Directors of Association appoints the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Architectural Review Committee

The Committee (ARC) has responsibility for review and approval of all design and construction activity. The Design Guidelines explain the review and approval process. Home design is not limited to any pre-determined architectural style. Property owners are encouraged to pursue their individual tastes while adhering to the Palisades standards and design guidelines.:

House and Landscape Plans

House and landscape plans must be approved by the ARC before commencement of any construction activity including clearing and site work.

House Size and Setback Requirements

Lots 1-29

Waterfront - 3,200 sq. ft.

Interior - 3,000 sq. ft.

Lots 30-129

Waterfront - 3,000 sq. ft.

Interior (Lots 44,48-54,75-80,114-129) - 2,800 sq. ft.

Interior (All remaining lots) - 2,600 sq. ft.

Lots 130-193 - 2,400 sq. ft.

Lots 194-204 - 3,000 sq. ft.

Setbacks Front Side Rear
Lots 1-29 35 ft. 15 ft. 40 ft.
Lots 30-113
- Waterfront 35 ft. 10 ft. 40 ft.
- Waterview 30 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft.
Lots 114-129 25 ft. 10 ft. 25 ft.
Lots 130-193 25 ft. 7.5 ft. 25 ft.
Lots 194-204 35 ft. 7.5 ft. 40 ft.

Palisades Pavilion

The Pavilion is owned by the Homeowners Association and is the social center of Palisades as well as the location of the business office. The clubhouse, with its Great Room overlooking the Reservoir, pool, sundecks, boat dock and bath houses comprise the Pavilion, which is reserved for the exclusive use of Palisades residents.

Aviary and Arboretum

Located in the Sanctuary, the mainland arboretum and nature trail connect to the island aviary by a boardwalk, all of which are owned by the HOA. Bird watching, picnics and other activities may be enjoyed from these common areas reserved for the exclusive use of Palisades residents.

Boathouses and Piers

All waterfront homesites are entitled to construct boathouses and/or piers. Boathouse and/or pier must be compatible with dwelling and must be approved by ARC.


Licensed security guards report for duty at the main entrance at dark each evening and remain on duty until 6 a.m. All other entrances are locked at 6:00 p.m.

Boat Loading

A boat landing is located on the northeast shoreline for the exclusive use of Palisades' residents to launch and land fishing and pleasure boats.


All utilities are underground.
Water-Sewer - Pearl River Valley Water Supply District
Cable - Comcast Cable
Gas - Atmos Energy
Telephone - AT&T
Electricity - Entergy


Four Foot sidewalks located two to six feet behind curb per ARC approved design.


Custom mailboxes designed exclusively for Palisades residents.

Walls and Fences

Walls and fences are permitted, but must follow the requirements as set forth in the Design Guidelines. Waterfront homesites limited to open wrought iron fencing on rear perimeter.


Minimum two car garage with automatic door openers required. Carports are not permitted.

Detached Buildings

Must be of same exterior design as dwelling and must be approved by ARC.

Exterior Building Materials

Samples must be submitted with house plans.

Business Office

The office is located at 1700 Lelia Drive, Suite 110, Jackson, MS 39216

Management Company

The management company is Ridgeway-Lane & Associates, 601-936-9910